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Yai's Kitchen Restaurant 

Project Overview

Yai's Kitchen provides authentic Thai food that customers can taste in our restaurant or through our food truck locations.


User Research, Analyzing Data, UX Design, Wireframing, Visual Desgin


InnovatUX separated audiences based on segments in order to focus decisions surrounding site components by adding a layer of real-world consideration to the conversation. They also offer a quick and inexpensive way to test and prioritize those features throughout the development process.


Yai’s Kitchen LLC had multiple target audiences but were separated into two main audiences based these important differentiations:


- Demographics

- Psychographics

- Geography

- Usage behavior

- Levels of engagement


- Access to Online Ordering and Delivery

- Customer Ordering Data surrounding highly requested items

- Saved Mobile Payment Options

- Decrease in food wait times

- Customization of orders

- Group ordering options (Not Catering)

- Better food descriptions with engagement icons

- Emphasis on food ingredients - Social media post attraction from customers

- Review availability

- Food promotions and specials

- Target highly requested items

- Target food truck schedule

- Catering options starting 10pp or more


A. User Research

YK Competitive Analysis.png

B. Analyzing Data (Persona) 

YK Persona Comparison.png

C. Analyzing Data (Web Code) 

 D. Wirefram

YK Wireframe - Home page.png
YK Wireframe - Menu.png
YK Wireframe - Home page.png
YK Wireframe - Contact.png
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