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Emma Tech 

Emma Tech provides technical services (mainly development services) for small businesses

which range from managing a Facebook page, creating websites and applications (Both mobile

version and desktop version), and providing, fixing and maintaining small scripts to customers.

User Research, Analyzing Data, UX Design, Wireframing, Visual Desgin

Project Overview

SCOPE: Redesign

Brand Reseach

Emma could improve the delivery of its message for its target audiences on the websites. For

instance, 40% of our work is in web design or website updates. There are some small scripts

and programs which are great but still hard to find these clients.

More Info: Lots of referral-based work. Word of mouth is really important. Most clients come to Emma Tech with existing websites or development work that they need help on vs starting a whole new project.

Future Goal

Emma Tech would like to be the number one choice for clients to build their small

businesses. With enterprise-level experience, Emma Tech can provide professional

products to satisfy the needs of its clients under its hard-working and good reputation.

A. User Research

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